goDog Toys: Squeaky Toy with Chew Guard Protection

Upgrade your pet’s playtime with the goDog PlayClean Bush Monster, a durable, plush, squeaky toy that your dog will love to cuddle with and chew upon. Its unique feature lies in the PlayClean Technology—natural zeolite beads infused with pet-safe geranium essential oils reducing the toy’s odor, keeping it smelling fresh. Designed to last longer with chew-resistant lining, this toy is the ultimate joyful and durable companion for your furry friend. With goDog, playtime is fun, enduring, and odor-free!


Stay Fresh with goDog PlayClean: Squeaky Toy with Chew Guard Protection

Turn your dog’s playtime into a delightful experience with goDog toys PlayClean Bush Monster. A top-rated toy trailed with love and cuddles from dogs, it brings the right balance of durability and softness that our furry friends cannot resist. Cozy plush faux fur material, reinforced seams, and a chew-resistant lining make this toy perfect for both endless play and cuddle moments.

What sets GoDog’s PlayClean Bush Monster apart is the innovative PlayClean technology. Each toy includes a packet of natural zeolite beads, saturated with pet-safe geranium essential oils. These beads gradually release the oils into the plush fill, keeping the toy fresh-smelling and reducing odor between washes.

Designed to ignite your dog’s interest and satisfy their hunting instincts, this plush buddy also features a built-in squeaker that your pup won’t be able to resist. This large brown bush monster is perfect for pets who cherish their snuggle time as much as active play.

To match the rigorous demands of playful pups, these toys are fortified with Chew Guard Technology. This includes a sturdy, chew-resistant lining that adds an extra layer of durability to the soft plush toys, ensuring they last longer than your average dog toy. Despite this special protection, please remember that no toy is indestructible. However, customers can be assured as we offer a one-time replacement for added peace of mind (note: replacement may not be the same as the toy originally purchased).

Level up your pet’s playtime and comfort—choose the goDog PlayClean Bush Monster. It’s not just a toy. it’s a long-lasting, odor-fighting playtime companion that both you and your pet will love.

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