Purina Lickable Treat: Lil’ Slurprises With Surimi Whitefish

Elevate your cat’s dining experience with Purina Friskies Lil’ Slurprises featuring Surimi Whitefish, blending both delight and nutrition in each meal. Our pouches add a burst of savory seafood flavor that cats can’t resist, wrapped up with essential nutrients and devoid of artificial preservatives. From enhancing your pet’s meals to providing a special between-meal treat, our convenient pouches make pampering your feline friend irresistibly simple. Bring home Purina Friskies Lil’ Slurprises, the perfect combination of taste, health, and culinary adventure for your feline.


Experience a Culinary Adventure: Purina Friskies Lil’ Slurprises With Surimi Whitefish

Turn every meal into an exciting gustatory escapade with Purina Lickable Treat, featuring Surimi Whitefish in a Dreamy Sauce. It’s time to bring home a deliciously slurp-licious treat that your beloved feline won’t be able to resist.

Elevate daily feeding from regular to extraordinary by liberally topping your cat’s favorite Friskies wet or dry food with our Lil’ Slurprises. Each pouch is a rich indulgence of real whitefish bits submerged in a lappable sauce. Make every feeding time an exciting seafood banquet that your cat eagerly looks forward to.

Lil’ Slurprises is much more than just a scrumptious treat; it’s an expression of love. The dedicated time, with your feline’s delight cascading into purrs as it laps up the dreamy sauce, will strengthen your bond. Moreover, the treat is also designed for convenience. The handy pouch size is perfect for only giving your pet a bit of extra spoiling between meals.

Purina Lickable Treat commitment to your cat’s health is evident in our carefully chosen ingredients. Our mixers are crafted without artificial preservatives, meeting your high standards. The ingredients like whitefish, milk, vegetable oil, and Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B-1) combine a great taste with essential nutrients, promising a meal that’s as wholesome as it’s exciting.

You can feed your adult cat a pouch per day, either as a treat or a meal topper. The product is designed to supplement a properly balanced diet, bringing an extra spark of delight to everyday feeding.

With Purina Friskies Lil’ Slurprises featuring Surimi Whitefish, let your favorite feline experience the joy of gourmet dining right at home. Each meal will become a delightful burst of flavors and nutrition that your cat wholeheartedly deserves. Get a taste of this seafood magic and watch your pet lick its whiskers in absolute gratification.

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