Amazon Basics Giant Pee Pads: Pups Potty Training Partner

Embrace hassle-free potty training with Amazon Basics Giant Pee Pads. Their exclusive 5-layer protection design guarantees quick drying and efficient absorbency, turning liquid into gel on contact. These large pads also ensure maximum protection for your floors, making potty training both a stress-free and cleaner experience. Invest in the ultimate puppy potty training partner today!


Quick-Dry & Leak-Proof: Amazon Basics Giant Puppy Pee Pads

Proper and hassle-free potty training is now achievable with Amazon Basics Giant Pee Pads. This pack includes 40 standard-absorbency pads that are impressively versatile – excellent for puppy training, senior dogs, car trips, and other pet-related circumstances where you need reliable absorbency.

What sets these pee pads apart is their 5-layer protection design. This multi-layer construction features a quick-dry surface that expedites drying, and an absorbent core that instantly turns liquid into gel upon contact. The result? A supremely efficient potty training tool that leaves no room for mess!

Worried about floor damage? Worry no more. The pee pads come with a plastic lining that provides foolproof protection, keeping your floors in pristine condition. Additionally, with a plastic border on all 4 sides, there’s no chance for overflow, providing maximum coverage and hygiene.

More than just absorbency and floor protection, these pee pads are equipped with a built-in attractant to make potty training easier. The attractant helps in directing your pup where to go, aiding positively in their training process.

With a generous size of 27.5 x 44 inches, these sleek blue and white pads provide ample space for your pet, making them feel comfortable and secure during this new learning journey.

Amazon Basics Giant Pee Pads are designed with you and your pet in mind, offering a winning combination of functionality, protection, and smart design. Make potty training a breeze and ensure a cleaner home. Add this pack to your cart today!

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